The best mobile Bingo game. Ever.

Pumpkin Bingo is the highly rated single player Bingo game for your mobile and tablet device. Match the balls against your card; quicker means more points - and all against the clock. Test your memory and reflexes and connect to Facebook to see your Facebook Friends High Scores!
Join the 100,000+ players who have downloaded Pumpkin Bingo and it's cousins Valentines Bingo and Easter Bingo
Add to the 3,000,000 games that have taken place so far.
Download the FREE game that has 3,000+ ratings of 4.4/5.0!!

iOS and Google Play versions COMPLETELY FREE!


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Even More Bingo!!!

We love Bingo and we know you love Bingo as well. Due to popular demand, we have created some other versions of Pumpkin Bingo for Android - all for free and remember that any purchases you make in ANY of these Bingo games, are carried forward to the others. Remove Ads on Pumpkin Bingo and they disappear on Valentines and Easter!!

Pumpkin Bingo

the original... Follow us on Facebook!

Valentines Bingo

filled with love... Follow us on Facebook!

Easter Bingo

eggs and bunnies... Follow us on Facebook!

Coming Soon!

??? Follow us on Facebook!


Bingo against the clock!

Test your memory and reflexes by playing Bingo against the clock. Remember that incorrect choices lose you time!


Connect to Facebook and see the best scores every week of your Facebook Friends who are playing. Challenge them to be Number 1!

Good Balls, Bad Balls

Collect the clock balls for more time; avoid the skull balls else it is game over. Choose wisely .... but quickly!!!


Earn coins every time you play and spend them on power-ups to help your score. Get extra time, multiplier protection and score bonuses!!

Highly Rated

Over 4,000 user ratings so far on the various stores - averaging 4.4 out of 5.0!! Why are you not playing yet?????

It's Free

All our versions of Bingo are completely FREE to play on Android and iOS. Unfortunately, we cannot offer In App Purchases on Amazon Kindle or Nook and therefore they do have a small cost.



Version 1.22

Released on March 28th, 2013
  • New Added settings menu where you can sign out of Facebook and Restore your purchases
  • Fix Rewrote the purchase system to handle Google's changes
  • Fix Improved stability when network connection drops
  • New Added Local notifications
  • New Added more FREE ways to get plays/coins when not connected to Facebook
  • New Added Friend images to end of week summary screen

Version 1.0

Released on December, 2012
  • New Initial release for iOS and Android

Customer Reviews

  • "Its a whole lot of fun. Got to be fairly fast. You know me I'm not a very fast person. But I can play this one fast. I really like it. Come give it a try."

    DW, April 1st 2013
  • "I really like this game it's fun my Gram and I sit and play for hours and it's great we laugh cuz we test to see who can beat who's score so yes I love it"

    TW, March 30th 2013
  • "What a brill game its a change from other bingo."

    CH, March 31st 2013

    BC, April 1st 2013


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  • Q. What devices does Pumpkin Bingo support?

    At this moment in time, you can download and play Pumpkin Bingo for free on Android and iOS devices.

    You can also play on Nook and Kindle devices although there is a small charge.

  • Q. What about these other versions?

    We created Valentines Bingo and Easter Bingo due to popular demand. They are essentially the same game as Pumpkin Bingo but look a little different.

    If you make any purchases on any of our Bingo games, they will transfer over to all other versions. For example, if you pay to remove the ads in Pumpkin Bingo, the ads will also be removed in Easter and Valentines Bingo.

  • Q. Where can I keep up to date?

    Most of the latest information can be found on our Facebook page. Just search for Pumpkin Bingo on Facebook and you will find us there.